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 Why choose Apex


Apex Novated Solutions is a provider of novated leasing to businesses and employees, driven by a passionate and experienced team who appreciates that buying a car should be enjoyable and exciting!

By offering novated leasing employers can boost the tax benefits for their employees. Apex aims to show employers how they can provide their employees with great workplace benefits and drive their salary further. Whether you're an employer or an employee, we make leasing simple. 

Friendly, expert advice

The friendly team at Apex will guide you through the vehicle leasing process and be available for any support you may need.

The lease stays with you (where ever you go)

With Apex you have the option to move your novated lease with you when you start work with a new employer.

Stay on top of your budget

With great options such as easy pay monthly repayments, a low monthly fee, and a dedicated mobile app we make staying on top of your financial obligations easy.

More money in your pocket

By using Apex Novated Solutions you can end up with thousands more in disposable income each year.

Choice is in your hands

Choose your car, your insurer, your mechanic, even your preferred fuel card. With Apex the choice is always yours.

Contact us for a personalised comparison

So how does it all work?

A novated lease allows you to pay for your vehicle as part of your salary package with both pre-tax and post-tax income.


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Ready to find out more about novated leasing and start saving money?

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